Monday, May 21, 2012

Getting Decked Out

Getting Decked Out

Moving it outside after the long winter hybernation is one of the great joys of living with the four seasons.The appearance of patio furniture and BBQ grills is indeed a harbinger of Spring. Que the lights.

Adding low voltage landscape lighting to the deck and patio changes everything. Not only can it add safety features as shown above and to the left but can also help you see whats on the grill. Adding outdoor chandeliers, lighted planters, floor and table lamps can also create beautiful living and dining rooms under the stars.

Focus Industries manufactures several BBQ lights with different mounting options to get good light right on the grill

Kichler Lighting provides a wide array of decorative fixtures for the deck and patio bringing the indoors out.
For the DIY types, these installations can be a weekend project. Visit our website at and search our on-line catalog under landscape lighting for lots of good ideas. And, come into our showroom and let us help you make a plan.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Considering the Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan Sale
June 4 through June 23 
All display and stock fans at least 20% OFF

It’s been summer in central Illinois on and off now since March but pretty soon it will be here for good. And in my business that means it’s time to stock up on ceiling fans. 

Ceiling fans have really grown in popularity over the past several years as people have been discovering the energy savings, and as a result, economic benefits. Using your ceiling fan in a clockwise motion during the summer creates a wind chill and can make a room feel 6-8 degrees cooler. You can turn your thermostat up a little bit and save money on you’re A/C bill. The trick is to turn the ceiling fan off when no one is in the room to enjoy the wind chill. During the winter, using it in a counter-clockwise motion can even a room’s temperature and save on your heating bill.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a ceiling fan; the height of the ceiling the size of the room; your décor and whether or not to include it in your lighting plan. I was going to bore you with all the numbers for figuring out size and drop from the ceiling but I decided all that figuring is our job and instead, encourage you to come in to our store and let us guide you through the process.

We have watched the catalogs of ceiling fans get thicker and thicker with styles and finishes for every room inside (and out) and for every décor. We carry the best manufacturers in the business and we have a variety of styles on display and those thick catalogs to browse. Styles and finishes ranging from Modern to Traditional, Casual to Formal, with and without lights.

Or, if you like, visit our website and check out Craftmade,  MinkaAire,  Kichler,  Fanamation,  Modern Fan Co. and Monte Carlo.
Come see us at Tepper Electric Supply Co. during our sale (or anytime) and we’ll help with all the details